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Interview with Gail Miller about the 2012 Centre County Heart Walk

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Steve Williams: And we’re with Gail Miller, the vice president for quality at Mount Nittany Health. Gail, thanks for joining us today.

Gail Miller: It’s great to be with you!

Steve Williams: Let’s talk a little bit about the 2012 Centre County Heart Walk. What does the Centre County Heart Walk support?

Gail Miller: We’re so excited about this year’s Heart Walk in Centre County. The walk each year raises awareness and funds for heart disease. And, you may not know this, but heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in America, and stroke is the number 4 cause of death in the country. So, this is a great way to raise awareness about these diseases. We also have a goal this year of raising at least $65,000 in Centre County. This year’s walk is a 3-mile local edition of a national event held by the American Heart Association. And all the proceeds from the Heart Walk will go to the American Heart Association Centre County Chapter. You know, the Heart Walk is also such an important way to remind people of heart health and the importance of physical activity, and the Heart Walk demonstrates our commitment to that healthy lifestyle.

Steve Williams: When and where will this year’s Heart Walk be held?

Gail Miller: This year’s Centre County Heart Walk is on Sunday, September 9, and the location this year is the Millbrook Marsh Nature Center. It’s a beautiful place to walk. Registration starts at noon, and the walk will begin at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Steve Williams: How can folks participate?

Gail Miller: There are several ways to participate. First of all, we invite people to join a team and participate in the walk for that day. We also would like individual and business sponsorships of the walk. And if people can’t walk, or are not going to be available on that day, we surely hope that they support the teams that are walking and their neighbors that are walking.

Steve Williams: How does Mount Nittany Health participate in the Heart Walk?

Miller: Mount Nittany Health has been a corporate sponsor of the walk for nine years. I’ve been involved in the walk for three years because heart disease has affected my family so I love to get out. I love that our health system is supporting this. We also have a goal of having as many walkers as possible. This year, we’d like to see more than 100 walkers from our health system and also would like to raise at least $15,000. So, we’ve always set our goals each year a little higher, and we’re all excited this year about being able to change those goals.

Steve Williams: Where can our friends in the community get more information on this year’s Centre County Heart Walk?

Gail Miller: It’s very easy to get information about the Heart Walk. I suggest that anybody that’s interested in joining a team or learning more about the Heart Walk visit the Heart Association’s website. It’s located at heart.org/centrewalk for more information.

Steve Williams: Gail Miller, vice president for quality at Mount Nittany Health. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Gail Miller: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here.


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