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Interview with Bob Courter about his Hip Replacement Surgeries

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"Announcer: It’s time for another Mount Nittany Medical Minute we’re visiting today with Bob Courter of Bellefonte. And Bob first of all, thanks for joining us today.

Bob Courter: It’s great to be here!

Announcer: Bob you had two hip replacements last year at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Can you explain first of all why you needed those procedures?

Bob Courter: Well by age fifty-seven I started noticing a loss of mobility and after using arms and legs for normal activity. I would have muscle stiffness in my legs and lower-back making it very difficult to walk and do normal activities bend-over. I thought at first, it may be limes disease because it came on so quick. And but that test proved that it wasn’t limes and so I decided to build up my muscles. Since I have an office job I started to exercise more, swim almost daily but I got progressively worst. Fall of 09 I really had a hard time hunting it was very difficult to walk in the woods. It was almost hazardous to my health if you know what I mean. And I really couldn’t walk as fast as I could before I started I could walk like a man who was twenty or thirty years older than I was. And I didn’t like that so I figured that osteoporosis had probably caught up with me. My dad and most of my uncles and aunts had joint surgeries and the X-Rays that Dr. Martin’s office did really told the tale. The bone separation was gone it was bone on bone and it was time to do something.

Announcer: Why did you choose to go to Mount Nittany Medical Center?

Bob Courter: Well basically, I had a client that just had hip surgery. He had traveled from Altoona he spoke very highly about it. I’ve always when I had any medical problems in the family I wanted to speak to some nurses they usually know what’s going on. Dr. Martin’s name kept coming up. Of course, he’s in the orthopedic department in Mount Nittany. I lived in Centre County from 1972. Both my children and now one grandchild have been born at Mount Nittany. Now we’ve had several needs to use the hospital over the years and we’ve always been very pleased.

Announcer: How was your experience leading up to the surgeries?

Bob Courter: Well I think the information that I got from Dr. Martin’s office was very informative. But I think Mount Nittany’s class that they give on orthopedic surgery that Val Cokely headed up was invaluable. And just to tell me what to expect what I should be doing what I shouldn’t be doing that was just very neat and preparing me for the surgery. I really felt that Mount Nittany did an excellent job through the pre-operative test, the post-op, the pre-op; the care itself was very professional, very proficient. And I thought it was all done with a personal touch which was also great.

Announcer: How you have been feeling so far?

Bob Courter: Well I’ve been doing extremely well! Both hips have gone just wonderful. I’m about twelve weeks out from my second surgery. I’ve been doing great walking I have in through the walking through the fields and the foothills. And I have really been doing well through that.

Announcer: That’s awesome!

Bob Courter: I’m looking forward to getting back into the mountains.

Announcer: I was going to say have you been hunting yet?

Bob Courter: (Laughs) Not yet!

Announcer: That’s coming huh?

Bob Courter: That’s coming!

Announcer: Where can community members Bob find more information on joint replacement at Mount Nittany Medical Center?

Bob Courter: Well they can visit mountnittany.org on the web or they can call Mount Nittany Medical Center orthopedics directly 814-234-6190. The orthopedic department has been rated number one in the state and I believe number fifty in the nation. They are certainly number one in my book. I think the whole process has been a very great testimonial to Dr. Martin’s staff and Mount Nittany and their staff. And I am very pleased and very grateful for what they what they’ve done!

Announcer: Well Bob we’re glad your feeling better and we thank you so much for visiting with us today!

Bob Courter: My pleasure!

Announcer: Bob Coder of Bellefonte on our Mount Nittany Medical Minute here on 3WZ."  


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