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Interview with Dr. Albert Zoda about American Heart Month

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"Announcer: It’s the Mount Nittany Medical Minute on 95.3 3WZ Dr. Albert Zoda is with us. Dr. Zoda its American Heart month and Matters of the Heart it’s an event coming up. And we want to talk to Dr. Zoda here this morning about Matters of the Heart. February is Heart Month! Dr. Zoda why is it important to maintain a healthy heart?

Dr. Zoda: Well Steve the heart is the engine of the body and heart disease causes 40% of all deaths in the United States. This is over 600,000 a year it’s the number one cause of death in both men and women.

Announcer: What are some of the symptoms of heart disease Dr. Zoda?

Dr. Zoda: The classic symptom is chest pain in the center of the chest but it can also be pain in the arm, neck, back, jaw or the upper abdomen. Sometimes symptoms can be shortness of breath, sudden weakness, light-headedness or breaking into a cold sweat.

Announcer: What cardiac services does Mount Nittany Medical Center provide?

Dr. Zoda: Mount Nittany provides many cardiac services including echocardiography, stress testing, monitoring of heart rhythms, cardiac catheterization, pace makers, and something that has been ongoing at Mount Nittany since 2007 is Coronayer interventions performing stents and balloon angioplasty of blocked coronary arteries.

Announcer: Heart disease can be prevented. What are some tips Dr. Zoda to help prevent heart disease?

Dr. Zoda: Steve it can be broken down to what is called the simple seven. If you smoke stop smoking, maintain a healthy diet, maintain a healthy weight, have good amount of physical activity every week. If you have hypertension, control it by taking your medication and adherent to a low sodium diet. If you have high cholesterol, try to control it by watching your diet and taking medications if indicated. And if you have high blood sugars again control it with diet and taking appropriate medications.

Announcer: How is Mount Nittany Medical Center observing American Heart Month Dr. Zoda?

Dr. Zoda: On Tuesday, February 22nd there will be a presentation by myself and other speakers discussing heart disease, tips on preventing it, and treatments for it. It’s called Matters of the Heart and it will be taking place in the Galen and Nancy Dreibelbis auditorium. Refreshments will be at six the presentation will start at six-thirty to seven-thirty. And a special thanks to Health South for sponsoring this event.

Announcer: Where can community members get more information about heart health and Matters of the Heart?

Dr. Zoda: They can access the Mount Nittany website mountnittany.org or they can go to the American Heart Association website. And for anyone wanting to attend the presentation on February 22nd they can RSVP at 234-6727.

Announcer: Dr. Albert Zoda thanks so much for joining us today appreciate it!

Dr. Zoda: You are very welcome! Thank you!"  


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