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Interview with Kathy Dittman about CarePages

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"Dave Kurten:  The 3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mount Nittany Medical Center.  Mount Nittany, Life Forward.  Our topic this week is care pages and our guest is Kathy Dittman, RN and Service Excellence coordinator.  Thanks for joining us today.

Kathy Dittman:  Thank you, for having me today.

Dave Kurten:  Kathy, let’s start off with telling everybody what exactly are CarePages?

Kathy Dittman:  Carepages are free, internet-based tools sponsored by Mount Nittany Medical Center, which allows patients and their caregivers to stay in close contact with their family and friends during any sort of medical condition.  You don’t actually have to be in the hospital for someone to actually experience some on their medical pains, such as cancer, having surgery, perhaps they have a chronic condition or they are an adult—such as myself—caring for an elderly parent, perhaps I might need to use CarePages for someone.  Also, it could be something joyful, like having a baby and you want to share that information about your medical condition.

Dave Kurten:  Who can use CarePages? 

Kathy Dittman:  Anyone can use CarePages, but primarily they are set-up by the patient or it could be the caregiver.  But the important thing to know is not anyone can access your CarePages.  It’s only people that you invite onto your CarePage, so through your address book, you would actually set-up and only invite certain people.  It could be your own or immediate family or closest friends.  Some people chose to extend through the…through the net a little bit larger, and they might invite their whole church group or people in their classroom, whatever type of social setting their in and have additional support for themselves.

Dave Kurten:  How can CarePages benefit a patient or a patient’s friends and family?

Kathy Dittman:  The important thing to remember is when you have a medical condition, many times; everyone wants to know about you.  They care very much and want to give you support, so your phone is ringing continuously.  By summing up a CarePage, it allows you to control your time and the things that you’re going to share information.  Sometimes people get third-hand information that is not factual, so if you set-up a CarePage, you as a patient or caregiver can post factual information at your convenience.  Your family and friends that you’ve invited can send messages of support back to you and you can read them at your convenience.  Sometimes, you might to even read those two or three times.

Dave Kurten:  Everyone is concerned about protecting their private health care information, how does that work with CarePages?

Kathy Dittman:  Again, it’s only the people that you invite onto your CarePage through your address book.  They will receive a message inviting them to have access.  So people cannot randomly just surf the internet and select your CarePage and read about you.  So, it’s compliant with Hippo[cratic oath] because you’re sharing the information only with the people who you want to receive it. 

Dave Kurten:  If someone wants to start a CarePage, what do they need to do?

Kathy Dittman:  It’s really simple; it only takes about ten minutes.  What you’re going to do is you’re going to go onto the internet log on to www.carepages.com/mountnittany and you’re going to follow the prompts.  It takes about ten minutes to set-up the CarePage.  You’re going to set-up your address book as to whom you want to invite, and you’re going to post a simple message.  In a very short time, the people who you invited will send messages of support back to you.  You can post pictures, which is sometimes really nice.  It’s a very simple and easy way to do in a very private setting.

Dave Kurten:  Where can community members get more information on Mount Nittany Medical Center’s CarePages?

Kathy Dittman:  They can go to www.mountnittany.org and look on our website under the CarePages.  Also, they can call me: Kathy Dittman at Service Excellence.  My number is (814) 234-6780 and we would be happy to set you up.

Dave Kurten:  Kathy Dittman, Service Excellence coordinator has been our guest on this addition of the Medical Minute. Thank you for your time.

Kathy Dittman:  Thank you very much.

Dave Kurten:  The 3WZ Medical Minute is brought to you by Mount Nittany Medical Center.  Mount Nittany, Life Forward."  


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