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Interview with Amy Leffard, certified diabetes educator at Mount Nittany Medical Center

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"Steve Williams: It’s time for the Mount Nittany Medical Minute. Amy Leffard is back with us, the certified diabetes educator at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Amy, thanks for joining us again today.

Amy Leffard: Thanks for having me.

Steve Williams: Uh, dining with diabetes. Tell us about that program. What is it?

Amy Leffard: Okay, Dining with Diabetes is a program that’s offered by the Penn State Cooperative Extension in conjunction with Mount Nittany Medical Center, and it’s a class that will help people with diabetes understand important things that they need to know and how to manage their diabetes. It is a group setting of about 15-25 people, and it runs for 4 weeks with a 3 month follow up class.

Steve Williams: Uh, how is the program different than, uh, other diabetes programs that you have?

Amy Leffard: Well, this program’s different from others in that there’s cooking demonstrations and tastings of healthy foods offered at every class. People will learn how to shop and how to prepare healthy meals that are both tasty and nutritious for the whole family, not just for them. And, they’ll also receive recipes of those things that we try. Physical activity is also part of every class too so that people can learn to see how important exercise is to the management of diabetes. This class also gives participants and their family member an opportunity to have their A1C and Lipid levels tested if they would like.

Steve Williams: Uh, where can community members learn more about the program?

Amy Leffard: You can go to www.mountnittany.org or you can call, or, I’m sorry, or the extension.psu.edu dining with diabetes. Or, you can call 355-4897. This will happen in, on Wednesdays in October from 1-3:30 in the afternoon.

Steve Williams: Amy Leffard, thanks for being with us today.

Amy Leffard: Thank you."  


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